Headliner is a trusted source for concert tickets. Sellers are screened and heavily vetted before they can sell through us, and we provide buyers with a 100% money back guarantee on all tickets purchased. There is nothing more important to us than our customers and your ticketing needs. Don't believe us? Just check out our customer reviews.

Headliner is not a broker. We do not buy tickets and resell them. Instead, we are a ticket exchange for buyers and sellers to come together and transact with each other. All tickets on Headliner come from verified and trusted sellers, such as large-scale brokers or fans who can no longer attend a show.

Headliner does not store any credit card information. Instead, we use Stripe, one of the largest payment processors in the world. They store your personal data, keeping it safe and secure.

Headliner is the fan first secondary ticketing platform for electronic music concertgoers. Our vast access to tickets and low fees allow us to have the best prices around. If those prices still aren't good enough, you can name your price by placing a bid. Once your bid is placed, our team and technology do all the monitoring and searching for you. The moment we find tickets at your bid price, we buy them for you!

High demand concert ticket prices change all the time. To catch a good deal, you need to get lucky or spend time monitoring prices. By placing a bid, Headliner does all the monitoring and purchasing for you. When you place a bid we ask for your credit card but do not charge you upfront. Once the tickets are found at your price, we charge your card and send the tickets to you. If we do not find tickets matching your bid, you are not charged. You can also cancel your bid at any time, so there is no downside and only tickets to gain by bidding.

No. In an eBay auction there is one item for sale and one user wins, the highest bidder. For each concert on Headliner, there are lots of tickets out there, so there can be lots of winners. The priority at any moment is given to the highest bid, but any user can adjust their bid to move up the list. When the highest bid is matched with tickets, it is taken off the active bids list, and the next in line becomes the priority. Our team and technology work around the clock to try our best to match every single bid with tickets.

Yes, you may cancel or adjust your bid at any time. You can also set an expiration time for when you want your bid to expire.

Tickets are bought and sold very quickly. When we find tickets at your price, we need to make sure that we can act fast and buy them for you before anyone else has a chance. Note: we do not charge you when you place the bid. We only charge you if we find tickets at your bid price.

Headliner charges a 8.5% fee. 3% of that goes to credit card processing, and the rest allows us to run the business. For reference, 8.5% is well below industry standards of 17 - 35%.

Headliner is a secondary ticketing platform, so the moment you purchase your tickets, you are purchasing them from the actual seller. As such, we do not allow refunds. Instead, fans can sell their tickets on Headliner by listing their tickets or selling into the highest bid for the same event.

Headliner currently supports general admission tickets for electronic music concerts and festivals.